What is the Hope Project?

The Hope Project is a school emotional wellbeing intervention, which supports children and their families. The project offers signposting, self-help guidance, early intervention and also promotes our whole school approach to emotional wellbeing.

A child may need someone to talk to about emotional, behavioural or social difficulties. Hope aims to provide this support.

The kind of issues Hope can help with are:

Any aspect of family life that may be affecting your child’s emotional well-being
School refusal | Bullying | Behaviour
Anxiety | Sadness | Low self-esteem
Illness | Bereavement

Who Provides the service?

At our school, Mrs Felton is our trained HOPE champion.

What does it invole?

The Hope Project is a low-level, early intervention project aimed
at supporting pupils’ emotional needs in schools. This is done
through 1:1 listening sessions, group activities and whole school promotion of positive emotional health & wellbeing.

How does a young person access the Hope Project?

Typically, a parent or member of school staff will contact Mrs Felton via the class teacher or headteacher and a referral form will be completed.