Other Support

Family support

Raising children can be a physical and emotional rollercoaster and that’s why Mums and Dads need all the support they can get! If you’re going through a hard time at the moment, or could do with some help and advice around issues like: physical health, yours or your child’s emotional wellbeing, keeping children safe, boundaries and behaviour, family routine, home and money, we can make a referral through school for some relevant support. Please speak to Mrs Spiers if you would like more information.

Health Visiting and School Nursing Service

The school nurse can provide advice and support on issues including:

  • Managing behaviour
  • Emotional health and wellbeing
  • Continence issues e.g. soiling and enuresis
  • Developmental concerns
  • Advice, information and signposting to sexual health and contraception services
  • Growth and weight concerns
  • Advice and  information in relation to lifestyle concerns including smoking, drugs or alcohol
  • Supporting pupils and their families/carers with newly diagnosed medical conditions

Advice can be found at www.mpft.nhs.uk
The school nursing team can be contacted by telephone on 0300 303 3924

Staffordshire Connects

The Staffordshire Connects Website  provides a wealth of information and contact details for services for children and families that can be accessed locally.